Kabuki at Palais Garnier

I was at Palais Garnier again, second time in the same week. But this time is to see completely different play than ballet. It was "Kabuki", which was first time to be played at Palais Garnier.
You see how it is different from another day? There were so many Japanese people wearing "kimono". Different Curtain on the stage, very Japaneses. One thing I really loved is when they did thier speech in French! Oh my poor camarades! That did make me feel so close to them!



Panache with french beer "pelforth". Usually, this pelican doesn't hold any flowers in his mouth, but he does on this glass. And it says "Pelforth of Spring". Cute isn't it?


Palais garnier

We were there to see "Proust ou Les Intermittences du coeur" Roland Petit. But of course we students are generally not so rich. So what can we do?
Wait in front of ticket counter from 15:00 until they start selling their tickets of the day at 18:45 then get cheap 10euro sheets.
But one benefit to have these "not very good" sheets at the palais garnier is that we can see the painting of Chagall painted (not sure) on the ceiling.


marronnier en hiver

Tree of marronnier. It's also charming even after all there leaves are fallen and just dead marrons (no? these balls on the tree) But I can't wait when their leaves will come back all around Paris.

same cafe again

Here again same cafe's photos. Unfortunately I am not living that close to be able to go there everyday, so these are taken on the same day.
That day, it snowed very hard but only for about 10 minutes. Thank you, I was in a warm place under the roof.


a good cafe

what is a defenition of good cafe? 1)not too expensive 2)not too noisy 3)servers are friendly and so on.
When I found a good cafe, it makes me just happy.



Cold night, young people were playing music outisde maybe for selling thier cds or get some coins. they were jumping, drinking beers and having fun...



macaron de laduree.... this is a dream, dream of all sweet lovers!


station at midnight

Station Chevaleret at midnight. One of these "rare" metro stations which is not underground.


Spring has come in Paris! Obviously, there are more people who wear sunglasses. Include ME who is suffering from allergy of pollen .....


new bridge

View from new bridge sur la Seine. And you can see the Bibliothèque nationale de France.



For me, having a cup of coffee at "cafe" is to take a break alone or to talk with friends. But for these couples of weeks, I didn't have enough time to sip coffee with sitting down on the chair but on the counter.

In Japan, there are a lot of "vending machines" which sells coffees and other drinks. But here it isn't very common, but instead, they can have this "quick break" at the counter of cafe.
And there are some benefits 1)coffees are cheaper 2) sometimes, you can get to talk with other friendly customers.