Kabuki at Palais Garnier

I was at Palais Garnier again, second time in the same week. But this time is to see completely different play than ballet. It was "Kabuki", which was first time to be played at Palais Garnier.
You see how it is different from another day? There were so many Japanese people wearing "kimono". Different Curtain on the stage, very Japaneses. One thing I really loved is when they did thier speech in French! Oh my poor camarades! That did make me feel so close to them!


Anne said...

I love the first photo! =) How did you like the play... was it nice?

First time here at your blog =)

Anonymous said...

i love ur blogger it is very nice and have a good pics

lulupo said...

anne: thank you. yes it was very nice spectacle although I couldn't understand all story but enough to feel something from their dynamic performance.

blueboat said...

beautiful photographs - I'd really love to visit the Garnier. I love the grand staircase.

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

I wish I could be at this Kabuki event at Palais Garnier. Related to this is my blog here