Arts et metiers

Small street around Arts et metiers station.
This area, I think we can call it Chinese district. I was charmed by these red lanterns under the street lights.

I love Chinese antique furniture and such but No offence, Chinese very red decoration sometime gives me a headache like photo of the supermarket on the right. But these pretty lanterns what I saw tonight were obscurely ornamented but they did gave me an strong impression like they are insisting "this is Chinese area".

And again, because of my low photo technique, the first picture doesn't look good as they are and the second picture doesn't look "noisy" as they are.....sigh


Terra-Vecchia said...

J'suis l'poinçonneur des Lilas
Arts-et-Métiers direct par Levallois,
J'en ai marre j'en ai ma claque
De ce cloaque,
Je voudrais jouer la fill'' de l'air,
Laisser ma casquette au vestiaire,
Un jour viendra j'en suis sûr,
Où j'pourrais m'évader dans la nature,
J'partirai sur la grand'route
Et coûte que coûte,
Et si pour moi il n'est plus temps
Je partirai les pieds devant...

Le poinconneur des lilas...
Serge Gainsbourg

et oui comme quoi...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Arts et Metiers was a Chinese district, but if this is Rue de Vertbois, then you know what? We stayed in an apartment here.

lulupo said...

terra, wow je ne savais pas que gainsbourg chanter de arts-et-metiers!

luggi, hmm well yes I belive it is because there are a lot of chinese restrants... :) didn't you see any of them?