There was a ceremony today at the grand hall of Sorbonne university. I was there to receive my diploma which doesn't mean much at the society level but it means some for me. (well...if you want to see me in that "costume" (robe and hat) you can find a tiny picture on my other blog...)

I added your webisites of people who post some comments so far (merci beacoup!)
I hope it doesn't that bother you but if so, plase give me a comment.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Congratulations!!! We are all very proud of your achievement.

I have always wanted to study at Sorbonne. Are you going to stay in Paris?

isabella said...

Of course it means a lot to us too - how many of us can say they've graduated from Sorbonne?!
Congratulations and best wishes for the future! What are your immediate plans?

Sally said...

Fantastic, lulupo - you and your family have a lot to be proud of!

Fredrik Ekblad said...

Paris must be an inspiring place for studies.

Curly said...

Great picture, I just love it!

While I'm here I thought I'd let you know that I have moved my site on to Wordpad, unfortunately that means it's time to update those links again.......sorry.

The Wiki that you can use to copy and paste the links into your template/sidebar is very simple and usefull.

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Felicia said...

Congratulations, what an achievement! And thanks for sharing your moment with us!

lulupo said...

ming, thank you! yes, maybe for another 6months...maybe!

isabella, thank you too! I will continue studying in Paris alil bit more.

sally, thank you. yes i do must send some photos to my parents :D

frederik, yea i guess. but unfortunately what i am studying is something i don't need any inspiration but "remember by heart"...french!

cury, thank you! and opps sorry i will change your link tomorrow:)

felicia, thank YOU :D