lost cat

Poster for lost cat named "Mikado". Funny, I never seen any single cat on the street.


Fay said...

Awww poor kitty... I hope he/she will find the way home soon!

Dsole said...

Hi there!
it's nice to have another Paris view!
Poor cat, hope someone finds Mikado safe!
greetings from Madrid :)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Very professionally produced poster. The owner must be a graphic designer.

Lovely looking cat. :-)

Anonymous said...

How sad. (But a nice little French lesson. Thank you.)

Louz said...

I hope Mikado did turn up after all. I enjoyed looking through your blog. You have a unique and interesting perspective on Paris. Glad to see you've joined the DP bloggers.

lulupo said...

Fay: Hello! Yes, I hope he (its him:)went back his home too...

Dsole: Hello, greeting from Paris!

Ming: Yea, that's what I thought too. "wow, in france, everything is arts"

luiggi: oui oui! That made me happy that I could understand what this poster says. I am still debutant de langue francais.

louz: Thank you! Maybe my eyes (and what i do) is maybe not like standard tourists anymore, but still differnt than french people borned in here.