red tents besides le canal st martine

Yesterday's night after the concert, we went to have a dinner at "le cambodge" which serves amazing Cambodian cuisines with reasonable price. When we were heading to the restraunt, we realized the view of the canal st martine is different from our own memories. Both of us knew what is happening there by news but seeing that on TV and being there and "feeling" that atmosphere doesn't have a same impact on our minds. I was surprised and shocked. How it is changed. I remember, very hot summer day, I was there for picnic, lots of people sitting along the canal, having some beers, snacks, fruits, lovely trees. But now, instead of all pretty things, there are red tents which is a demonstration by "Enfants de Don Quichotte" for SDF (People living on the street).This is like I saw a dream in summer and now a real world.
My teacher was astonished when I told her a lot of "SDF" do exist in Japan. She'd never imagined that in such a "rich" country, she said.
There is always a reality beside a dream like a pretty canal and red tents.


macky said...

Welcome to Daily Photo from Tokyo and Kyoto Daily Photo:-)

As you know, some people do live under a bridge or a park in Tokyo.

A night hides the reality but the sun unveils it....

lulupo said...

Thank you! Yes, and photograph doesn't tell a lie...maybe?